OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hunza valley 5 Chillout Towns in South East Asia

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

Save 5% on your World Nomads travel insurance just enter the code VOYGNR when you reach the checkout. There isn’t much point in reviewing insurance unless you have had to make a claim and have seen both sides of the service. If I had not had to make a claim all I could say was […]

Monday September 9 2013


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A Quick Disjointed Note

July 11 2011, it’s been a long time. I have an admission to make, I hate my blog name. Voyagner frustrates me, people think it’s pronounced voy-ag-ner, it’s supposed to be just like the word voyage+ner. It sucks I know but this blog is at a point of no going back. I don’t want to […]

Wednesday August 15 2012


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tree house angkor

The Secret Angkor Wat Treehouse

To tell the truth I’m not really sure how secret this is but I’ve not met any other visitors to Angkor who have known about it. One previous visits to Angkor I never hung around for sunset not with a view of Angkor Wat anyway, this visit I had only opted for a day pass […]

Monday July 11 2011


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Update: On The Moving to Asia Plan

Way back in June ’09 I wrote about my plan to move to south east Asia. Obviously I’m still not there, but the plan is still in place. The motivation is still there but the reasons for the motivation have changed slightly, before it was the Tim Ferris lifestyle design idea that sold me, along […]

Tuesday July 5 2011


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Bokor Casino

Offending Khmers at Bokor Hill Station

The 24th of December was spent doing a Bokor Mountain tour outside Kampot town. The only way to get up there right now is on a tour, or on major Khmer public holidays when the road is opened. They are still blasting out parts of the new road and so you can’t drive all of […]

Sunday March 13 2011

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Cambodia Pt.2


A ride to small forest temples near Sambor Prei Kuk, in Kampong Thom. Ending at Beng Mealea.